Sometimes you saddle up in your car with your kids and tune into your Fave podcast with no concern for their innocent ears ... BE WARNED: Today's episode is NOT one of those times!!! Give those angels a headset and an iPad right now while you tally the F*bombs and join Kodette & Brij and their convo with Paul Bissonnette! He didn't get the name BizNasty by sharing his Grandma's chicken marsala recipe (the one with the mushrooms) on twitter that's for sure, but it's clearly not why we asked him here. He has turned his post playing career into an even more successful one in the entertainment business. In true Biz fashion, the Arizona Coyotes' radio color analyst/ social media bad-boy/ Spittin' Chiclets podcaster/ Entrepreneur shares his opinions, gets real about depression, the true value of friends who pull you off the couch and takes us all the way down the path of no return with some rather "shitty", horrifying one-night stand stories. Your hosts have decided against taking dating advice from him, but surely appreciated the interview guidance ;) If you like to moonwalk across the bar, have sex for sport or wonder if horny-hernias are a thing, press PLAY now. 

December 20, 2019


THE DENIM BLONDE herself, Lauren Melkus, is our guest today (her sweetheart is Tim Boyle)!!! This "bridal stylist" turned Custom Jacket designer takes us on her journey from Connecticut to fashion studies in Florence and all the HockeyTowns in between! We are all addicted to the Playoff Jackets that have been spotted on the ladies in the NHL & AHL in recent years and this is only the beginning!!! Decisions are hard to nail for Kodette, but not when it comes to letting Jason book her travel (ahem, Never. Again.) The girls weigh in on Hockey Family, Team Boyle, Celebrity clients, their favorite gifts and finding love while fishing for crackers ;) 

Ang Price is baaaack for more & she brought her Bestie/ Business partner JULIE PETRY so we could get to know her better!!! "Great things come from CRAZY IDEAS" & these two have a few ~ starting with arranged marriages, their CHic line of Montreal Canadiens clothing and their ... wait for it ... Habs Wives HOCKEY TEAM !!! The "HAB NOTS" have a whole new appreciation for what their guys do & the ladies weigh in on how to make this a LEAGUE wide phenomenon! Julie gets real with how Jeff woo'd her while he was on probation & Ang fills us in on how she Uber'd home in the middle of a marathon ... C'mon, there's definitely some fun to be had with ALL OF THIS !!! (+gratuitous verbal skate tying lesson by brij & lead-by-example moments from Kodette;))

December 6, 2019


The talented & supremely successful jewelry designer, Melanie Auld, chats with us about growing her business, her desire to create fine pieces that last a lifetime and her 'A-ha' moment ~ while Kodette offers to be an "ear-model" at an odd cost! Alex's trade & her story late in her pregnancy is one for the books and probably deserves more diamonds than she has in her design studio! What do Josh Duhamel, a proposal, crownNcoke & karaoke have in common ....?? Maybe nothing, but we definitely talk about all of them! 

We love that Episode 19, (accidentally on purpose;)) happens to be with Arizona Coyotes power couple Shane & Andrea Doan!!! When it snowed in the Arizona desert the weekend that Shane's #19 was retired to the rafters , it was further proof that this LEGENDARY player was loved beyond the borders of the one franchise he dedicated his entire 21 year hockey career to. Join us in a fun conversation with Andrea & Shane while we walk down memory lane (something about a Giraffe and some glue & another NHL alumni or 2?!!) and they share with us some truths about their repeated decision to stay in Phoenix, their inspirational teammates & wives who paved the way for the 14 year Captains and the proof that their own personal Home Team always wins! 

November 20, 2019


Hold onto your granny panties ... Kodette & Brij sit down with Julie Turris (Nashville Preds Sweetheart;)) and chat about everything from Julie's first NHL expectations & impressions to her SuperHusband, Kyle, booking spa appointments, Ray being a huge supporter of the La Leche League & Jason's surprise when Kodette buys a new 'whip' without telling him ... Ohhhhh it's a good one. 

November 13, 2019


We are hangin' with Hanna Eakin today! This magnetic woman (with the voice of a rockstar;)) chats about the Vegas Golden Knights expansion draft & being a part of that magical inaugural season filled with "LUCKY 8's"!!! She happens to be a complete go-getter, currently working on her Master of Business Administration ~ with a passion for travel, adventure & volunteering. Have a listen & you'll be searching for a way to mimic her awesome Northern Adventure trip, and of course learn why she's adored by her friends, family and her very own Knight in shining armor, Cody ... 

Brij takes off to Florida & grabs Katerina Jokinen for a chat! This "woman of the world" (& our first "European" guest!!) is a PR guru & owns her own distributing company in Finland! She's clearly killing it in sales, as she walks in & handily convinces us that it's time for a glass of wine within minutes ;) Chatting business & Family ... she shares a more serious story with us ... her 'mom-intuition' & the scary close call that led to their young daughter's diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes and how their family contributes their time & hearts to the JDRF in South Florida! Her & NHL All-Star Husband & 4 time Olympian, Olli, are tied for 2nd with the Most Teams Played for in the NHL at 10 ... now that's a sh*tload of moving and experiences ... & languages, which she gives us a little lesson in ... !!! 

October 22, 2019


Time for an eavesdropping session today while the phenomenal Danielle Pyatt joins the girls! Danielle has been forging her own path since she was 18 & experienced the "hockey life" with her husband Taylor (aka Angel Eyes;) for the past decade. This badass business owner & mom of 2 littles has flourished & followed her own dreams along the way as she studied Culinary Arts & conceptualized their unique coffee shop & play space CAFE AU PLAIT in Scottsdale, Arizona! These 3 ladies have a fun history together & stories to share ... time to spill the "tea" ... or should we say coffee?? 

October 16, 2019


Kristy Barrie is a bit of a modern-day-renaissance-woman ... mastering many crafts including carpentry, home building, interior design & real estate! She is the ultimate character, supportive mom to Victoria & her NHL playing son, Tyson Barrie of the Toronto Maple Leafs & better half of NHL Alumni & former owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Len Barrie. Her life in the hockey world started when Len charmed her with his 1980's HockeyHair & sleek Trans-Am ... she has some of the best laugh-out-loud tales of them all! 

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