If we could sing this episode teaser we surely would ... alas, we will leave that to today's guest, Lauren Rodych-Eberle! She is a talented music teacher & studio owner, who has managed to keep multiple jobs while on this hockey journey with her husband Jordan of the New York Islanders, and chats with us about just how she does it ... and keeps her sanity?!! You may want to keep a pen handy, so that you can jot down a few notes & perhaps make your own checklist of why you want to be friends with this sweetheart of the NHL ! 

Jayne Pietrangelo joins the girls today and shares a rather unique hockey tale ...  One where the girl grows up IN the pro-hockey city, meets the boy (enter St. Louis Blues defenseman, Alex) gets "catfished' & hooked by HIS dance moves, starts a family surrounded by her own fabulous family and ends up watching HER hometown explode with pride this past NHL Season when the St. Louis Blues hoisted the Stanley Cup with her husband at the helm, for the first time in franchise HISTORY! This former NFL cheerleader walks us down memory lane and shares her experience with 'karma' showing up on their engagement night, bringing TRIPLETS into the world, supporting her sister's charity The Golden Angels & surviving the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs in a house with 10 people (of varying ages!!!) and a pack of dogs. How perfect would the story be if one of their names were GLORIA .... 

September 24, 2019


Join Brijet & Kodette today as art major, accidental tattoo artist, turned kickass photographer Taylor Winnik saddles up with them to share some of her own life's journey. What started out as a sweet first date with her now husband Dan, turned pretty spicy when Taylor quickly noticed the chef cooking ... sans clothing !?!! As hot as that sounds, her welcome to the NHL wasn't as warm as she would have liked, but you can be sure that didn't stop her from embracing her new environment and making some long lasting friendships. Taylor isn't afraid to chat about everything from her struggle with anxiety & depression to dealing with social media and everything in between. Who's on your Free-Pass list Babe? You know you wanna know. 

September 18, 2019


Some people like to start their day before 6am (ahem Kodette) & some need a Red Bull to kick start no matter what time they get up (enter Brijet) … You asked, and they answered ~ Join our two hosts as they fly solo & take on questions from listeners! Kodette & Brij have fun reminiscing about first impressions, how they met their guys, the “Day Ray Didn’t Die”, game day preparation and more! Caffeine & or Kale? Your choice.

September 10, 2019


When you have your own Ice Guardian as a close friend of course you want to share the soft side of him with as many people as you can! Kelly is a master story teller & takes us along on his journey from growing up with NHL greats, to making the most of opportunities and best of all a sneak peak into his family life & how he came out on top of Wendel Clarke in the race to love. Stick around for the ‘His & Hers’ section… Hey Buddy, we’re here.

September 3, 2019


You might want to not only download this episode (& listen without kids in earshot;) , but put a star next to it so that you can refer to it quickly when you NEED to laugh! Schoena Strudwick joins Kodette & Brijet for some throwback tales of tattoos & panty-melters to the remarkable story of her & Jason’s journey to parenthood. You’ll laugh, maybe cry a little, and then follow her on social media because you just can’t get enough.

Hang out with us (& a box of kleenex) today while we chat with our Cancer-Fighting Warrior, Nicholle Anderson. This sweet South Florida girl chats with us about everything from having the SEX talk with your kids to sharing some beer-tub scoop on where Craig cut up the floor & danced away with her heart;) Download the episode & grab a foam roller … time to get bendy!

August 20, 2019


Find out who wears the pants in the Torres house and just how Gianna fell for the teddy bear (aka Raffi) not everyone gets to see. The anxiety of walking into your first wives room isn’t lost on any of us, nor will we ever forget the great girls who made us feel welcome … a little kindness goes a long long way! Don't be late for the episode ! 

August 13, 2019


Join us for some words of wisdom & a walk through over 35 years of living Pro Hockey with Wendy Tippett. She shares some fun details about how her & Dave met, along with the evolution of the style of a Hockey Wife ;), her career path that compliments this crazy life on the move and so much more!!! Learn a little more about Brijet & Kodette, or perhaps just some "fun" names Kodette likes to call Jason … 

"Folks" ... We are beyond pumped to have Commie as our first NHL playing guest! Mike shares some stories (FAR beyond Babcock!!!) and tells us a bit about growing up in Fort Saskatchewan, his journey to the NHL & some interesting business ventures he’s involved in these days. Our favorite part is that he lets us creep into his private life a little … Wait ’til you hear how he met his girlfriend !?l!!

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