On the heels of what might be the longest-trip-home-ever, Brooke Carson joins the girls as our FIRST current EXPAT! As the Corona Virus was making headlines, most of the Pro-Hockey community in North America was shocked with the direction to ‘self quarantine’, while Expat families like the Carson’s, were trying to frantically figure out how to get home safely & swiftly. Brooke speaks with the girls just over a week into her family’s quarantine in Calgary & shares details of the NHL & pro hockey life with her husband, Brett Carson. This journey has led them to 7 different countries with 2 toddlers, a dog, 287 pieces of luggage ;) and probably closer together! Brij (sort of) remembers a past Rookie party that the wives + girlfriends attended, Brooke gives us some present tips on living/playing overseas & Kodette looks into her own post-pandemic-quarantine future with glimpses of herself being super organized yet fat AF. 
March 25, 2020


Megan Carter chats with the girls (in this Pre-Pandemic recorded) episode and introduces all of us to her life-before-meeting her LA KINGS Centerman husband, Jeff Carter, along with balancing a career, babies & volunteering! The former cheerleader/sharpshooter has some giggles sharing her "How i met my husband" story & gets completely honest while sharing her former insecurities & personal evolution as the significant other of an NHL player. Kodette, Brij & Meg compare notes on which of kind of Pole Vaulting is for them, with "Hold on for dear life & ride it" being the the most common tip across the board. 

March 19, 2020


Can we get a heck-yeahhhh????! EVA SHOCKEY is the ultimate powerhouse brand-building woman. She grew up in Western Canada & spent her childhood loving the outdoors with her world famous professional big game outfitter/tv producer dad, Jim Shockey & graceful keep-it-all-together ballerina mom, Louise. By the time she met her husband, former NHL'er Tim Brent, she was already breaking down the barriers of a very male dominated outdoor arena & enjoying her own stardom. The girls chat with this mom of 2/author/TV host/female force-to-be-reckoned-with about turning negatives into positives, "Taking Aim", plus how HER brand & lifestyle blog has successfully & authentically evolved right along with her. Amen, Huntress. Amen. 

March 10, 2020


The girls have no problem at all chatting with a professional in the broadcasting world … Carly Zucker. She is the host of the first ever female led talk show on KFAN Radio called OVERTIME & “first wife” of Pittsburgh Penguins’ Left Wing, Jason Zucker. Carly is passionate about everything from sports to GIVE16 charity, her 3 kids & 80’s rock. Find out what NOT to do on trade deadline day, Carly's go-to party trick and how she (thankfully!!!) can’t or won’t “bottle the funny”. 

Michelle Stone was quietly (& secretly!?!) flirted off of her 14 year old feet by her Aunt & Uncle’s hockey billet ~ then Calgary Hitmen & now Calgary Flames defenseman, Mike Stone. This mom of twins + 1, and co-owner of Sugar Bakers Cookie Co takes a few moments out of her busy life to shed some light on surviving "H.E.L.L.P", a rare pregnancy condition that could have easily taken her life. Not only is she keeping it real & enjoying the the sweetness of her family and life in her home town & hockey city Calgary, she’s rockin' the custom cookie scene & already booking 3 Months out! Poor Michelle humors our 2 hosts as they wonder what kind of cookie cutters could be made & Brij sees the potential in beating Kodette in a bake-off. Game On. 
February 25, 2020


The kids are all tucked in, so Alanna Reaves joins us for a glass of wine and simply lets us inside her private yet fun life. She comes from a family of First Responders & was following that path when she got side-tracked by the sense of humor (& muscles?!!!) of current Vegas Golden Knights right winger, Ryan Reaves. This former national RINGETTE champion has worn many hats and continues to live life to the fullest with her feisty little crew in Las Vegas, Nevada. The dynamics of her & Ryan's relationship is fun to learn about ... starting with their love of Burt Reynolds and mutually respected laws of "pranking". Did someone Soldier-Boy their way across the dance floor at their wedding or Bump'n'Grind to Miguel? The answer to this burning question and why Jenny Jackman is the biggest prankster of the episode; Right here , Right now. 

February 14, 2020


You're in for a treat with our guest Kristyn Yandle! She's a new business owner, mom of 2 great little girls and the better half of Florida Panthers' defenseman & 3 time NHL All-Star, Keith Yandle. He happens to be the current NHL Ironman with the most consecutive games played & stands at #4 on that list in NHL History!!! (but guess what, we didn't ask about it, because we are too superstitious that way!!!) Once you hear Kristyn's pregnancy & cancer fighting stories, you'll realize that she deserves an IRONWOMAN title herself!!! Maybe you'll even hear about how she hooked up with her sister's mother-in-law's son's brother, the power of octogenarian tennis players , how Kodette's butt wasn't good enough for the LA Lakers' Wives couch & how Brij was hypnotized by Keith's dance moves. Kristyn Yandle is the girl you hope to end up on a team with and the type of friend that leaves a mark on you forever...

February 7, 2020


Brigitte Smith is a calm mom of 4, a cool 2 time Olympic Alpine Skiier + 2006 Canadian National Slalom Champion & the 1 and only collected wife of Edmonton Oilers' goalie, Mike Smith ;) She gives us a glimpse into her childhood on the mountain, rich with the bloodline of a family filled with Canadian National Ski Team members (there were 6 including her!!!). Her 4 kids, who have clearly hit the 'gene pool jackpot' are the light of her life and are already busy competing & collecting sporting adventures of their own ... epic injuries included! With walls adorned with Olympic memorabilia that their mom, dad AND grandma have collected, the Smith Littles are a crew of passionate teammates of the best kind; Family. You'll realize as quickly as their mom flies down mountains, just why it's so easy to love her !!! 

The 3 friends chat about protecting their families (or not?!) from Arizona desert critters, how Kodette's Xtreme Sport of choice kept her off the ski slopes, Brij asks if she's the only one with spousal PDA rules in the gym and of course the ring-side excitement of The Battle of Alberta ... 

January 30, 2020


We recorded EPISODE #24 last week in a world that still had Kobe Bryant in it. It’s beyond fitting that our guest, Melanie Collins, NFL sideline reporter, sports broadcaster & lover of sports; embodies everything about what the Mamba Mentality is. “... a mindset that extends way beyond basketball or sports,” as told by Kobe to Amazon Book Review. “Everything worth achieving needs total focus and dedication. It’s the ultimate mantra for the competitive spirit.“ Mel has been living by this, even if she hadn't put a label on it.  

We dive into Mel’s badass journey and are in awe of her hustle and fierce spirit. She has learned valuable lessons from mentors, friends & the athletes themselves and has promised to pay it forward with kindness and grit. Of course we have some fun chatting & keeping it light with one of our forever HockeyGirls, because what would life be without some love & laughter 

We'd like to honor the memory of Gianna & Kobe Bryant, Alyssa, Keri & John Altobelli, Payton & Sarah Chester, Christina Mauser and Ara Zobayan by dedicating this episode, along with our heartfelt condolences to their families, friends & teammates. Their loss is unimaginable and we pray that they feel the love from all the fans and strangers carrying them in their hearts ... 

Sometimes you saddle up in your car with your kids and tune into your Fave podcast with no concern for their innocent ears ... BE WARNED: Today's episode is NOT one of those times!!! Give those angels a headset and an iPad right now while you tally the F*bombs and join Kodette & Brij and their convo with Paul Bissonnette! He didn't get the name BizNasty by sharing his Grandma's chicken marsala recipe (the one with the mushrooms) on twitter that's for sure, but it's clearly not why we asked him here. He has turned his post playing career into an even more successful one in the entertainment business. In true Biz fashion, the Arizona Coyotes' radio color analyst/ social media bad-boy/ Spittin' Chiclets podcaster/ Entrepreneur shares his opinions, gets real about depression, the true value of friends who pull you off the couch and takes us all the way down the path of no return with some rather "shitty", horrifying one-night stand stories. Your hosts have decided against taking dating advice from him, but surely appreciated the interview guidance ;) If you like to moonwalk across the bar, have sex for sport or wonder if horny-hernias are a thing, press PLAY now. 

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