She said: Yes, of course I'd love to come on your podcast!!! ... but just so you know, my kids are homeschooling & my pets are needy!                              They said: We'll happily take your everyday-life chaos if it means that we can get to know you better!

Just a week into the New Year & days before the start of the 2021 season, Kodette & Brij were lucky enough to actually sit down (together but apart) with CHRISTINA MARLEAU, one of the NHL’s most beloved & veteran wives (in history!!!) She’s been the loyal partner, loving wife  & ultimate supporter of long time San Jose Shark, Patrick Marleau for over 22 years & nearly all of his 1700+ NHL games. With a story that starts out something like ... “an arena accounting employee sees an usher at the Shark Tank ...” and continues with 4 boys, 2 dogs, a cat , a baby snake + 2 mannies disguised as Auston Matthews & Mitch Marner, who wouldn’t be ready to hang with her for all of the in-between-details!?! Feelings get real, Hockey bubble activities are compared, exotic drink recipes for disaster are revealed and you'll find out exactly what Christina means by “dressing up for Home Games”;) 

November 19, 2020


Sara Olivova brings some international flair to this episode! She is a bright young woman with a badass drive for EVERYTHING!!! As a Czech National Pro Beach Volleyball player her obvious passion & competitive spirit go far beyond the court (*ahem beach;)) while she continues her studies and looks forward to "what comes next". The ladies get the scoop on what the lockdown situation was in Czech and compare notes on being competitive with their own partners ;) Sara shares her perspective on one of last season's most memorable NHL moments, when an Emergency back-up goalie went in for her injured boyfriend, Carolina Hurricane's goaltender Petr Mrazek. And by the way, if you just can't get enough of her here ... head over to her instagram "Czechmeoutt" ... 'cuz you need to. 

November 12, 2020


Anne Gill crushes this episode with her magnetic personality and inspirational entrepreneur story! She created HAIST Designs (luxury leather hand bags & accessories) and walks us down the path from her personal "need", to vision, design, awesome name story, launch & evolution of her beautiful handbags!!! Of course Anne sprinkles in a couple of good NHL stories ~ with a husband like NHL alum, Hal Gill on your forever team, you know there are some good ones!?? Great partners aside, the ladies have a fun easy chat about Canadian snack addictions, the liberation of traveling solo, some Christmas gift WANTS plus Kodette finds herself tongue-tied over an (ahem;) sCOOTER...

November 2, 2020


Brijet & Kodette respectfully welcome today's guest, Emily Cave. She has been a voice for mental health awareness for the past few years and is bravely navigating her own unimaginable journey after the sudden passing of her love & newlywed husband, Colby Cave. Emily shares some fond memories of their life together and passes along some sweet stories of Colby's impact on not only her, but his friends, teammates & anyone he encountered during his far too short life. Her vulnerability is apparent during her heartbreaking recollection over their final days & moments together along with how she did her best to handle the swift media attention. Please join us in empathy, as we honor her story.

She's got style & creativity oozing out of her pores, she's a designer, a realtor, a mom, a business owner, a yogi, an absolute blast and her name is Rebecca Seidenberg. The girls catch up with Rebecca after a day of bein' a boss at her concept boutique "Offseids" and settling into an easy chill-night with her son. Brij & Rebecca start out with a 'party trick' challenge and relax into a convo about what makes this badass tick. Rebecca comes clean on making a rather BIG purchase, without including her husband Dennis (on a playoff game day no less?!!), but you'll soon find out that things seems to work out just fine when she sets her mind to it! Between a "party trick" challenge and Storage War advice, the girls cover almost everything and even find time to wtf about the trick-or-treat dispenser that may find it's way to Kodette's 'hood . 

October 18, 2020


The hockey world is a better one for having Janelle Foligno & her family in it. The one-time french immersion teacher graces this episode with her contagious spirit & sweet soul, while sharing the unimaginable whirlwind start to parenthood that her & her husband Nick (Columbus Blue Jackets' Captain) were thrust into when their first child, Milana, was born with a congenital heart defect. Janelle speaks about being led by her own heart (out of a Tim Horton's in Sudbury ;)) and down the path of generously giving back with Nick, plus their newly shared "The Heart's Playbook" platform. The girls chat about everything from first dates & first wedding dances (brij & kodette may 'plead the fifth' on that one for completely different reasons;)) to the first thing on their post-covid-to-do-list ... there's always time to focus on the positive, especially with this incredible woman! 

October 8, 2020


It's National Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S. & the ladies are celebrating with Latina Powerhouse, Jess Molina!!! She is a first generation American raised by the 2 most special & influential people in her life ... her spicy-sweet Mexican Abuelita & her mom, whose collective force has given her the drive & wings to do ANYTHING she wants. Jess takes the girls on a journey from how she met her fiancé, NHL free agent Jon Merrill (recently of the Vegas Golden Knights), introducing him to her family & hispanic heritage, to getting her masters in social work in 4 years while moving 6 times & having 3 babies!?!! Kodette notices Jess's tattoo collection & Brij dies over the location & presumed pain of one them ... Más tequila por favor.  

On this episode, Jessica Klinkhammer guests as she prepares to leave for Belarus and her family's 5th season in the KHL. Her husband Rob, is former NHLer and current Captain for the HC Dinamo Minsk. This dynamo of a woman shares their journey from the NHL to the KHL along with the initial fear & then joy of living in Russia and traveling 'home' during the world-wide border closures at 37 weeks pregnant!!!! WHAAAT??! You may even pick up some Russian vocab & learn a thing or two about how they are advertising covid-safe-sex over there on the other side of the world;) 

September 24, 2020


While hockey fans & NHL families awaited the 2020 Eastern Conference final winners, the girls caught up with the ultimate "insider", Alberta native, Meg Dowling! She & her 6 month old baby girl, Perri were the first family members to break the BUBBLE & slide into an experience that no other hockey family had had. Meg's husband, Justin Dowling, is a forward for the Dallas Stars and was awaiting his first trip to the Stanley Cup Finals when the girls stole her for some scoop. The three discuss Meg's childhood summers on the Pro Rodeo circuit & how the couple went from their titles of 'BeerLeagueRinkRats' to 'husband&wife' to 'parents'! While she navigates being a first time mom, Meg shares her own feelings and honest observations as she tells us about her first week inside the NHL Bubble. The trio weigh in on Superstitions playing their own part in these unique playoffs, Brij discusses her "must have" in Edmonton and Kodette relays her desire to travel to the capital city to meet the newest member of her own family of donkey's ;)  

September 15, 2020


Jessica Kohout joins the ladies for a conversation ( Pre-Round 2, Game 6) about Baby Billie Ann entering the world and how her fiancé Jordie Benn (Vancouver Canucks) was able to be there for her arrival in between the pre-playoff Training Camp and his entry into The Bubble. Jess is a fierce woman with a competitive spirit ... teasing with some Dallas bar + young-hockey-life-stories beyond the fact that she danced competitively and landed a FULL RIDE softball scholarship to college. The 3 women weigh in on Mike Milbury's insensitive & insulting comment about women just a couple of weeks ago & discuss how professionals in all walks of life handle the pleasant chaos of a family while still focusing on their jobs. Brij & Kodette want to take this time to CONGRATULATE Jess & Jordie on the arrival of their first baby & thank Jess for sharing the unique circumstances that came with welcoming her in the middle of a Pandemic and the resuming of play in the NHL ...

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