September 15, 2020


Jessica Kohout joins the ladies for a conversation ( Pre-Round 2, Game 6) about Baby Billie Ann entering the world and how her fiancé Jordie Benn (Vancouver Canucks) was able to be there for her arrival in between the pre-playoff Training Camp and his entry into The Bubble. Jess is a fierce woman with a competitive spirit ... teasing with some Dallas bar + young-hockey-life-stories beyond the fact that she danced competitively and landed a FULL RIDE softball scholarship to college. The 3 women weigh in on Mike Milbury's insensitive & insulting comment about women just a couple of weeks ago & discuss how professionals in all walks of life handle the pleasant chaos of a family while still focusing on their jobs. Brij & Kodette want to take this time to CONGRATULATE Jess & Jordie on the arrival of their first baby & thank Jess for sharing the unique circumstances that came with welcoming her in the middle of a Pandemic and the resuming of play in the NHL ...

September 1, 2020


Ahhhh the sounds of (pre NHL Bubble) summer ... the sweet easy song of Kelly Talbot's Texas voice, the fizz of opening a can of seltzer (with a kick of course;), mixed in with some early June sunshine, some spotty lake-house-wifi (insert annoyed hosts eye-roll here) plus a dose of salty sarcasm from Kodette ~ The recipe for a fun episode for sure! Kelly takes a break from her 3 year old twins and gets real with the girls about meeting her husband Cam (Calgary Flames goalie) & how he was her chief supporter while they navigated her anxiety and his early NHL career together. The episode just wouldn't be complete without a catastrophic tale from Kelly's NY Rangers party days and some sage advice from Brij for all ... "Check your props before you mount them." You're welcome.

August 5, 2020


The girls catch Tampa Bay Lightning forward, Pat Maroon just a few short days before he heads into "The Bubble" & the unique 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Coming off of the 'best year of his life' with his son Anthony, fiance Fran & the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Championship, he weighs in on the reality that NHL players & personnel were faced with as they made the choice to 'Return to Play' and leave their families behind. Consider yourselves warned on multiple levels as the new friends deal with a delayed Zoom connection, Brij dates herself with a not-so-innocent question and the 2 women lend their thoughts on what they would have made sure was on hand if their own husbands were off to "The Bubble" ... ;)

She is a dancin’ dentist, includes Zumba instructor as her side hustle and her name is Sarah Gudbranson. “Dr. Sweets” (her maiden name is Sweetnam) shares some stories about her smile-enhancing family’s dentistry legacy, dancing in living rooms, her impressive studies and of course how she balances her career + personal life with her husband Erik Gudbranson (Anaheim Ducks defenseman). Sarah & Brij exchange go-to-party-tricks & Kodette (sometimes known as Dickie Lynn ;)) has an on air ‘moment’. Is it gettin’ Hot In Here or did Erik just walk by shirtless?

Sydney Thompson will have you hooked from her first sweet hello! She's a pilates teaching/ recent fly fishing enthusiast from LA who found fast love (on an app!!!) with Philadelphia Flyers' centerman, Nate Thompson from Anchorage, Alaska. This beauty opens up and shares her diagnosis with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, the couple's journey through Nate's sobriety, their desire to start a family with a surrogate and MORE! She's a "Hab Nots" alumni with some fun superstitions that have Kodette & Brij giggling. The hosts get seriously unserious about some 'male entertainment' and decide that Alaska should be the new trendy spot for a #GirlsTrip. 

The Nashville Predators' Female Hockey Ambassador, Lauren Bonino joins us straight from Music City, where she is hunkered down with her own 'hunk'/ BEST-Halloween-Costume-Ever partner/ husband, Nick Bonino (Preds Centerman) & their 2 Littles. The fan-girling starts over this fun duo's life together starting with their own hockey playing, "sweatcedo" wearing days at Boston University right up to their current Quarantine antics. Who can resist a self admitted "Crazy-for-Swayze" cool chic dressing the part ??? Nope, neither can we. 

On your mark, get set, GO !!! The girls grabbed Michelle McGrattan for a catch up on her life before, during and after Pro Hockey with former NHL Enforcer Brian McGrattan. She is a fitness junkie, certified nutrition coach & creator of "The Michelle Method", a collection of online digital cookbooks:) There's never a shortage of things to talk about with this go-getter of a woman as the trio cover topics from Hot Priests, Cupcakes & Tattoos and quite possibly one of the best Trade-Deadline/Time-Travel stories yet. 

"A Star is Born" ... might be the perfect soundtrack for our guest, SYDNEY MARTIN for multiple reasons. Recorded in March during the early days of our Covid-19 Quarantine, the girls catch up with this former sports broadcaster from the office of her parent's home on Long Island, NY (ahem her dad is NFL Great, Boomer Esiason!!!) Her & her husband Matt (New York Islanders winger) are expecting their first baby very soon, so Kodette jumps in to pass along some HockeyWife wisdom, in the form of a 'shitkit' ;) From growing up in a sports-loving family, to a career in the field & then making the transition into being 'married the game', Syd and the girls all agree that "You can bring a lot to the table, it doesn't have to be dinner."

A Note from Brijet & Kodette : With the coincidental timing of the release of Erika Carter's premier episode with us on May 31st (yet recorded in April) we knew that we needed to invite her back for a potentially uncomfortable conversation; one that people everywhere are trying to navigate, which is the grotesque reality of Racism. The bonus footage, recorded subsequent to recent dramatic events, shows the raw emotion Erika feels as she shares her own biracial family's apprehension in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder. We are grateful to Erika for letting us walk down this path with her while she guides us through our own insecurities about the significance of current events associated with racism & gently reminds ALL of us that "It's ok to make mistakes ... that's how we learn." 

Rolling with it, is how Erika Carter operates... as an athlete with a gift for communicating and the ability to embrace new beginnings, it seems she was meant to be on this life journey alongside her husband, Anson Carter (NHL alumni & current analyst on NBC sports & MSG). Her education and career path kept her literally & figuratively "on the move" long before she met Anson, and hockey came in to dictate ;)! kodette, Brij and Erika take the conversation from Rhode Island to San Francisco, 3-city-seasons to Gold-Medal-Goals and from "fancy" cars to Erika's (kickass) virtual fitness classes.... all the way from "HOT-LANTA"!!!

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